On the path


Since India welcomed me in her arms seven years ago, I fell in love with her people, her chants, her scents, and especially with meditation. Throughout all these years and travels, this love has spread to Hatha yoga, traditional Thai massage, medicinal plants, and meditation in action through social or environmental work.

Many people have contacted me for some information or advice concerning the preparation of their own journey to the East, the shamanic healing in South America and the "couch-surfing" network throughout the world. So I decided to create this site to present a few places, projects, and teachers that have deeply touched me. My goal here is not to offer an exhaustive list, but rather a small selection of that which significantly influenced my journey. La crème de la crème!

For each suggestion, I'll give only a few words reflecting my subjective experience and the particularities that I truly appreciated. Then you can click on the link to reach their websites for a more objective and detailed description.

Hoping to offer you the inspiration and the encouragement for you to take one of these threads to weave your own path!

Please don't hesitate to share this website with the people who you think might be interested.

With all my love

Giulia Zaccagnini